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Pulaski, Wisconsin is the “fun spot.” Nested within three counties, and its surrounding communities are tourists attractions for many. From the historic 135-foot twin towers fo the Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, to the Historic Stone Barn, then taking a walk back in time at the Pulaski Museum, or even biking or snowmobiling on the Mountain Bay Trail, Pulaski offers a lot for residents and tourists alike.

Here are some things to do while you are in Pulaski, WI

Assumption BVM Catholic Church
The first Franciscan Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Friary was completed in 1888, and the first Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church was completed in 1892. The Assumption BVM present church with its 135 ft twin towers was completed in 1931. Enjoy a tour or attend mass at one of the largest rural churches in the United States. It features beautiful architecture and 50-foot ceilings showcasing more than 40 Italian-made stained glass windows.

Chase Stone Barn
Chase, a neighboring community to Pulaski, is home to one of the last surviving all-fieldstone barns in the country. The Stone Barn is listed with the State and National Register of Historic Places. The citizens of Chace continue to restoreĀ and maintain this unique building as a monument to the wonderful community of Chase, Wisconsin. If you’re in Pulaski, Wisconsin, you will not want to miss a visit to the Chase Stone Barn.

Mountain Bay State Trail

The 83-mile Mountain-Bay State Trail, one of the longest trails in the state, travels a mostly scenic, wooded route through three counties-Marathon, Shawano, and Brown-Pulaski, Wisconsin is located directly on the Mountain Bay Trail. In spite of its length, numerous parking facilities are located along the trail and restrooms are frequent.

Pulaski Historical Museum

The Pulaski Area Historical Society holds the history of Pulaski, Wisconsin. Visit the small museum and learn about your ancestors from Pulaski and surrounding areas. Featuring a family display, military room, Casimir Pulaski and even a Polish kitchen. Fun for the entire family when you visit the Pulaski Historical Museum.

Fishing Ponds

The best-kept secret in Pulaski isĀ our fishing ponds. Nestled behind the Pulaski Polka Day Grounds, walk the trail, play disc golf and enjoy a little fishing in Pulaski while you are here.



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