Polka in Pulaski
Pig Out in Pulaski
Pray in Pulaski

Pulaski, Wisconsin has a rich heritage of music, food, historic buildings and above all friendly people. When you visit Pulaski as an outsider, you leave as a friend, who is always welcomed back! What’s keeping you?




This event takes place every July. Come listen to area polka bands, along with several out-of-state bands! Don't forget to try the ethnic polish food! Planning has already started for 2021 Pulaski Polka Days! Mark your calendars July 15-16-17-18 2021.  During this once a year event, Pulaski is home to thousands of visitors from around the world. For more information visit the website: www.pulaskipolkadays.com


This week-long event takes place every March. Enjoy entertainment at local establishments, including polish food and polka bands! Mark your calendars for 2022 - March 6 - 13 will be our week-long celebration.  Historic Bus Tours, Ethnic Food, Dancing, Music - virtual and in person events for all to enjoy. Watch for upcoming details. If you are a business in the Pulaski area, or an organization that wants to be involved, contact: promotepulaski@gmail.com for information on sponsorships and volunteering. Check out the website for more information. Here is the website to www.casimirpulaskidays.com


SAPUTO STADIUM AKA "The Field of Dreams"

Join our Facebook page and learn about this huge fundraising event and what we've accomplished so far with the Red Raider Stadium. facebook.com/RedRaiderFuture


Pulaski Community Park - 4th Street
Kazimierz Park - 4th Street
Glenbrook Park - Memorial Drive
Memorial Park - St. Augustine Street
Shippy Park - Pulaski Street
Behrendt Park - Grant Street